The Boxcheck Story

Consumers spend over two hundred billion dollars a year on alcohol, and you want to reach as many of those consumers as possible. However, selling alcohol online brings severe headaches involving compliance, taxes, shipping and customer experience. Who has time to manage all that? Boxcheck solves these problems for you. It is the first compliance and shipping platform specifically designed for alcohol retailers. It provides everything you need to deliver orders directly to your customers’ doors. It also provides competitive delivery solutions, including same day and next day delivery and the lowest shipping rates in the industry! It is the ideal choice for any retailer looking to grow their online business. Let us handle the headaches of compliance and shipping so you can focus on running your business.

James Delaney, Sr.

Chairman & Founder who made the vodka cranberry drink gender neutral.

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Marc Goodfriend

CEO and in charge of our merry bunch and leading the way.

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